The J R Hayward Corporation is a specialist software consultancy based in Philadelphia. We have 20 years of experience in software development, architectural design, SaaS, Cloud Services and Agile Methodologies.

Engage with the team at The J R Hayward Corporation and use our skills and expertise to achieve your technology goals. We work with all kinds of businesses to develop and design software, manage complex projects and train teams to work productively.

When it comes to technology we are cursed to live in interesting times. We are in a midst of a technological sea change that is disrupting everything. Now anything and anyone connects with everything and everyone. All those connections have one real purpose, collect data. To survive you need to move quickly and constantly. Let us help.

Moving to The Cloud or Creating a SaaS product?

Cloud and SaaS has a lot of implications on your business in finance, technologies, security and compliance. We can help you make it all work.


Thinking you should be developing Microservices and if so, how to get there?

Our Software Architecture and Design expertise can help you decide if a micro-services architecture is right for you. And, if it is how to begin implementing them.

Compliance and Security

SOC 1, SOC 2, NIST, HIPAA, HITRUST, BAA? Which do you need? What impact does the Cloud have on compliance? What are your responsibilities? We can help you design a program and help you implement it so that you can meet the standards and make your systems more secure.

Searching for qualified programmers and developers?

The team at The J R Hayward Corporation have expertise in: Scala,Java, Groovy, Ruby, C++, R, SAS and Python as well as tools such as Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Apache Spark and Hadoop


Need help coaching or training your team in Agile methodologies and getting to Lean Enterprise?

On-site coaching can help your business get the most from Agile. Our friendly and experienced coaches offer a range of programs to suit your needs.